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The Ancient City Of Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka

The ancient royal city of Polonnaruwa is located in the Sri Lankan district of Polonnaruwa. It was made the capital city by King Vijayabahu 1 after Anuradhapura was destroyed in 993. Monuments in the city were constructed by the Cholas in honor of Brahmnism which was their religion. During the 8th century Polonnaruwa then temporarily acting as a royal residence enabled the king to rule the central plains from the capital.

The city being a religious center due to its numerous temples and Buddhist sanctuaries enabled people to gather there to offer their prayers. This also led to Polonnaruwa becoming a thriving economic center as traders and collectors came to the capital to get their hands on the rare goods that were being sold. With its rich history, today Polonnaruwa is a tourist destination for tourists from around the world due to its temples and the kings palace which date back centuries.


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Untold Secrets Of Sigiriya Sri Langka

Sigiriya is an ancient town place in Central Matale District, close to Dambullah in Sri Lanka. The name is surrounded by a rich historical background extending from the prehistoric times all the way to the 17th and 18th centuries. The history is grounded on the various excavations carried out on open air sites around the town yielding more evidence on human evolution through the discovery of stone and bone tools as well as other faunal remains dating back to the prehistoric period. Sigiriya thrives under this history as it makes it a global tourist attraction.

The story of Sigiriya is one vision complemented by grandeur, beauty as well as unparalleled tragedy making up Sri Lankan history. The Sigiriya Rock Fortress, built about 1600 years ago by an obsessed monarch bears so much history with its striking architecture. The terracotta grey rock standing in the cultural core of Sri Lanka, overlooking a forested plain with a gently sloping summit carries all the history of the palace. A combination of moats, water gardens and ramparts spreading out on either sides of the rock sculpture as well as a symbolic pair of lion paws guarding the walkway towards the summit are some of the exquisite remnants in the ancient city today complimenting the historic aspects of the city.

Sigiriya was designated a World Heritage site in 1982 by the UNESCO having been the best preserved city. The historic sites give more insight on the origin of Sri Lanka and offer exquisite travel destinations. A visit to Sigiriya would be the most knowledge enriching experience ever.

Golden Temple of Dambulla

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The Aamazing Golden Temple Of Dambulla Sri Langka

Ever heard about the Golden Temple of Dambulla in Sri Lanka? Well, this is one of the best-preserved cave temple complex located in Sri Lanka dating back to the first century BC. This Golden Temple is considered one of the most sacred places among the Buddhists and Hindus and has been their center of pilgrimage for more than 22 centuries.

A Short Description of the Golden Temple

This monastery is located east of South Rock Temple. The Temple is an sample of the sacred art and expression the south and Southeast Asia and the Sri Lankan people. The unique degree of preservation and scale of the excavated shrine caves, the painted surfaces of these caves and the statuary is amazing. The Monastery has noteworthy masterpieces of the early 18th-century art that were taught in Sri Lankan school of Candy.

What to find in the Golden Temple.

It is important to note that this is the most famous historic place in the country. The shrines of the Golden Temple house a collection of 157 statues of Buddha that vary in different size and poses. You can hardly lack to notice the 15 meters long Reclining Buddha and the brightly colored frescoes on the ceiling and the walls. Actually, this is one of the Antique painted surfaces in the world.

To reach the Dambulla’s rock temples, you will need to climb a lot of stairs, but you will find fun in it! You cannot miss out to look at the ornamental caves; it is probably the most beautiful place to admire in the cultural triangle. As you make your way to the top of the temple, you will spot a lot of monkeys, and you can take a quick photo if you wish.

Here you will find the largest and most impressive cave called the Shrine of the greatest King. It is 53 meters from one side to the other, and 23 meters from the entrance to the back. Have a look at the brilliant color schemes used in the Dambulla cave. Amazingly, some of these paintings were originally done by Kandyan artist’s way back in the 17th century.

In conclusion, the golden temple in Sri Lanka is a very interesting place to visit. I would highly recommend people to visit the site and have a look at the astonishing beauty of our cultural heritage.